Shannon Shoul

Vicki Rice
Business Manager
Bright Horizons Children's Learning Center
Beaverton, Oregon

Vicky Cheung

Karen Karren
Education Coordinator
Bright Horizons Children’s Learning Center


Lynndi Falotico 
Director Bright Horizons


"I am currently the Director of the Bright Horizons Children’s Learning Center in Beaverton, Oregon, and have been for over 12 years.  I have been in the field for over 30 years, teaching and then directing centers the past 24.  I have worked and managed many, many teachers over the course of my career.  I hired Jennifer Hill 8 years ago as a Preschool primary teacher at our center.  Throughout all these years, she has been one of the strongest, committed, and highly respected teachers I have ever had on my staff. 


Jennifer has outstanding work ethic in all areas including being reliable, respectful, greeting all individuals, teamwork, responsibilities-above and beyond-and extremely strong communication skills.  As a teacher, she is warm, creative, respectful, resourceful, kind but with control, inspiring and always attentive to every child.  She has an amazing ability to capture every teachable moment and turn it into a positive experience for the whole class.  Jen exerts energy in every waking moment and always with a smile and a kind word.  She has that special insight into each child that is rare and so unique, that even through challenging situations, she reaches children through her love and dedication.


Jen has won numerous awards at the center nominated by parents and co workers.  These cover areas such as parent partnerships, Curriculum, Diversity, Community outreach, Heart principles and more.  She was trained and conducted parent trainings at the center,  that took long term commitment and passion for a successful outcome.  She created a new PreK class this past year and was the single teacher for 10 children that were fortunate to have Miss Jen.


Jennifer has always given willingly to help with Community Outreach activities.  She believes in instilling this in young children and has done special events to help those less fortunate.   She believes in supporting the Community around us and sharing the importance of keeping family strong.  They are exceptional parents to their boys, and they are raising them with core values and keeping the simple things in life above the trend of fast paced society pressures.  I am proud to support Jen and Tommy in their new endeavor and would be happy to share any other information.   This is a deep loss for all of us at this center,  but I am thankful other families can benefit from Jennifer’s exceptional commitment to children and their families.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions."


“I have worked with Jennifer Hill for the past eight years. She has set the bar for teachers at our school with an outstanding example of what a teacher should look like.  She is very pro-active and involves the children with decision making, problem solving, etc. She puts herself in their shoes and every aspect of her program is done from the child’s point of view. She helps to create children’s independence, problem solving skills, creativity, choice making and in turn children who are able to think on their own. She is very organized, caring, respectful, honest, and wants only the best for each child in her classroom.  She is very passionate about making a difference in the lives of children and their families. Everything is done from her heart. I would highly recommend Jennifer for any teaching position or any endeavor she may wish to venture out on in the future.”

“Jen & Tommy both have shown a great aptitude for motivating and inspiring kids to have fun and learn. Our son is enthusiastic and attentive in their care, learning both by experience and example, and getting hands-on opportunities to try new things.”

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Jennifer Hill! Jen has an amazing natural gift with children. She teaches with a truly caring heart, always able to create amazing learning experiences that are authentic, age-appropriate and expand each child's mind and soul. Jennifer is organized, passionate about her work and making a difference not only in the lives of each child she touches, but also in the world. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her as a teacher, leader and friend.” 


"Teacher Jen is highly qualified and provides a caring and nurturing environment for her students to grow and learn. She incorporates a lot of hands-on and touch experiments in her curriculum so her students can see and understand the new concepts. My daughter is always so excited to tell me about all the new things she has learned in class. It always impresses me how much my daughter has absorbed and how delighted she is to share her new knowledge."