Parent Partnership

We believe in the importance of working in partnership with you to provide your child with the best care and learning experiences possible.  We value open communication, feedback and our teacher/parent relationships.


There are countless opportunities for learning as the day unfolds.  Embracing these moments and utilizing them as in the moment teaching tools are priceless.

We strongly value each child as a whole and unique being with passions to build upon and curiosities to conquer.  We believe in the importance of listening to the children and building upon their interests to maximize learning opportunities.  Our approach fosters the use of imagination and creativity where the possibilities are endless.

Children thrive when they feel safe, valued, nurtured and loved.  We provide children with a consistent and predictable routine with supervision that is warm, nurturing and attentive.  Our environment is welcoming, engaging and thought provoking and offers hands-on learning opportunities in each area of development.


A consistent, safe, predictable, nurturing environment

An important part of your child’s preschool experience is developing strong social/emotional skills.  Preschool is a time to separate from parents and learn how to independently socially navigate.  We are here to guide and model proper social/emotional interactions, to encourage self initiated activities and self help skills and to help your child develop a foundation of confidence.  We strongly recommend that students remain with the same class until the end of the school year in order to gain the full benefits of building strong social emotional relationships.

To instill a genuine interest in learning

     Our Philosophy

Our preschool program provides the opportunity for mixed age experiences in the classroom.  Some of the benefits include:

  • A family like structure
  • The opportunity for younger children to learn from what the older children have mastered and to see what they are still working on.
  • The opportunity for older children to model behaviors and what they have learned.
  • Creates an atmosphere of cooperation rather than competitiveness  

When building upon the interests of the children, we create activities during the week to cover each area of development: Art, language and literacy, math, science, music and movement.  While we are a play based, "child centered" program we interweave Montessori, Reggio and project based philosophies into our daily routines.  We understand that children learn in different ways which is why we offer a blend of philosophies.

Benefits of mixed age learning experiences

Using teachable moments

Playing to learn

Children learn through play.  Our play based, "child centered" program provides children with social opportunities and hands-on activities that make learning fun and spontaneous.