Mornings can be busy especially on rainy days and we sometimes reach maximum occupancy. Please call ahead at (503) 504-7747 or visit our Facebook page for availability status.

  • Mon - Fri       9am - 11:30am
  • Mon - Wed    2pm - 5pm

Food Policy:

  • Outside snacks and drinks are welcome.
  • We are a nut and peanut free facility.

     Indoor Play Place

A recreation based program for children

Play Place pricing:

  • $6 per child (single visit)

  • $5 for crawlers (single visit)

  • $50 Play pass punch card (10 visits)                 Good for multiple children and does not expire                                                      

Play Hours

Mon - Fri

9am - 11:30 am

Mon - Wed   2pm - 5pm

Saturday  9am - Noon


May 20th - 22nd   afternoons

May 25th - 27th

June 6th & 8th

June 15th - July 7th

 play hours


Supervising and helping your child

clean up

We strive to be peanut/nut Free but cannot guarantee the products that come through! 

Socks are required for adults and children.

We have them on site for purchase for $1

***We are a NUT & PEANUT FREE center.  Please no peanut products or nuts. Thank You***

Our indoor play place offers children a variety of hands on learning and gross motor opportunities that encourage self initiated play and exploration.  We have themed rooms for the kids to enjoy.  Our play place is geared toward children between the ages of 1 and 6 years old.


*Children must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or caregiver at all times*

*Out of respect for all, PLEASE CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR CHILD!  Part of the play experience is learning how to clean up as you go!  Thank you for your support! 

Snacks and Drinks (now available for purchase)

  • coffee, bottled water and other beverages
  • prepackaged snacks

Afternoons have been very slow with the good weather.  Check back often to get up to date hours and closures.


Please park in our rear parking lot and not in the gas stations.